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Deli sunshade sail factory hosted The Australian couple‘ visit.

Time:2018-10-08 Views:121

Deli sunshade sail factory The Australian couple‘ visit.

Deli sunshade sail factory The Australian couple‘ visit-Who are from Australia.
They came to China for traveling, By the way,

they came to see the production of his sunshade sail order in Deli.
George and his wife, who run an outdoor goods company in Australia,
have been working with Deli for many years. Accompanied by the manager Xu,
they visited the weaving workshop, sewing workshop and packaging workshop of shading fabrics
Throughout the production process,

from raw materials to production to finished products,

George gave the thumbs up.

He said that they had been to several other factories of the same trade,
and he felt that Deli Factory was the largest and had the best product details,

which would be an unforgettable experience for them.
And choosing Deli was the best decision he had ever made!

Deli sunshade factory specializes in the production and development of
various types of HDPE sunshade sails,
waterproof shade sails, agricultural sunshade nets,

Plastic knitting products such as camping mats,
outdoor curtains and fence nets have been manufactured for more than 48 years.

If you want to buy Shade Sails, Shade Net, plastic net,
please contact us!

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