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Middle East customers Visited DELI again

Time:2018-12-06 Views:108

Deli Shade Cloth Factory Received a customer from the Middle East - abdullah.

Abdullah, who is from Saudi Arabia,
has been importing and exporting outdoor products
for many years and has a local factory

Abdullah and Deli‘s factory got involved in the exhibition in 2017. At that time,
he was in China and hoped to purchase a batch of high-weight,
high-quality shading cloth to be processed into Shade Sail in his Country.
He admitted that he had visited many factories before coming to Deli Shade Cloth Factory,
but he was not very satisfied with them,
some grams were not heavy enough to meet his requirements,
and some colors were too few.

It was not until the end of April that he visited deli for the first time.
The imported machine from Germany, the independent color master mix research room,
as well as dozens of colors and fabric samples of various grams, he felt very satisfied and pleased with the appropriate price.
Therefore, abdullah placed the first single -500 rolls of 320gsm shading fabric.

This visit coincides with the pre-shipment period of his second order.

Abdullah has added several colors to the original ones.
He is very satisfied with the new sample details and the schedule

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